Feminine Presentation

Would You Like To Learn How To Act More Feminine As A Transgender Woman or Crossdresser?

Do you think you could enhance your feminine presentation? Do you often wish you could be more poised in how you sit, walk, or speak to harmonize with the woman you are inside? Would you like to learn to embrace more ladylike table etiquette or mannerisms? As an emerging mtf, you may wish to seek professional advice on improving your feminine presentation as you still may be unconsciously behaving in masculine ways. A cisgender boy growing up comfortable with a male gender identity typically adopts male characteristics and behaviors through conditioning and socialization. Gender dysphoria is an issue with self- identification—not a mental illness. Transgender people have a gender identity that isn’t aligned with the sex they were assigned at birth. You may have isolated yourself, grappled silently and miserably, but continued to “act like a boy” because that was expected of you. As a result, it can be challenging unlearning old masculine behaviors and embrace more feminine ones as you emerge into your preferred gender.
Do you wish you could learn to act more feminine in the way you present yourself to the world?

The emergence process for transgender women can be distressing and trying. Aside from overcoming self-doubt, confusion and learning to love your true self, you may struggle with getting the encouragement and support you need from friends, family and coworkers. Even with self-empathy and a strong support group, many mtfs have no clue how to convey their femininity to the world, what fits their personality, and may sabotage their efforts by continuing to display old masculine habits and behaviors. Perhaps secluding yourself at home seems a more comfortable option than trying on new behaviors that take time and awareness to feel genuine and natural. You may wonder if it’s possible to feel relaxed and happy with your authentic self and act more feminine.

Many Transgender Women and Crossdressers Lack Natural Feminine Presentation

how to act more feminine for transgender women - boca raton, FL

Even when mtfs are able to accept and love their true selves, their efforts to act more feminine may not match the woman they feel inside. Many have no clue where to get help with how to be more ladylike. Ordinary daily behaviors like sitting, eating, and speaking may belie one’s efforts in feminine presentation. Perhaps you are just getting used to wearing short skirts or dresses and continue to sit in a masculine manner. Maybe you are eating with the same old abandon and gusto you did prior to presenting your true self to the world and could use some lessons in ladylike table etiquette. Biological male voices typically change to a lower timbre at puberty, and as a transgender woman you may be clueless about how to modify your voice to sound more feminine. You may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to talk to your partner, friends, or family about improving your feminine presentation let alone ask for advice. Lacking confidence in your ability to achieve your highest level of feminine presentation may be troubling and affect your overall self-confidence.

But there is hope! With a consultation from Trans-Image Consulting Group you can develop skills on how to act more feminine that will feel natural and comfortable. You can be empowered by learning simple ways to sit, walk, dine or speak to improve your overall feminine presentation. Learning ways to act more feminine can enhance the woman you feel inside!

A Consultation In Feminine Presentation Can Help MTFs and Crossdressers Act More Feminine

Once you begin to love and accept yourself, it becomes possible to reach your potential and be happier in all aspects of your life. Learning ways to act more feminine can be empowering as you emerge into your true self. I understand and have compassion for the difficult journey you are on, and I can help you learn skills to present yourself in more ladylike ways. I offer a safe place where you can feel comfortable being your true self, and express your desires and concerns about enhancing your feminine presentation. Your partner, family, and friends may be there for you as you emerge into your authentic self, but they may have no idea how to help you act more feminine. It can be very helpful to get advice from someone with a high level of training and experience. I provide compassionate support in my consultations as well as my life experience as a cisgender woman, psychotherapist, professional makeup artist, and extensive training in transgender care. I provide guidance, encouragement, and resources if you wish to simply express your authentic self in the privacy of your own home or out and about in the world.

During your consultation, we will discuss realistic goals for you to improve your feminine presentation to complement the woman you feel inside. Many mtfs go through a “second puberty” as they emerge into their authentic selves. Adolescence is a journey of self-discovery and often comes with growing pains, trials and errors, experimentation, and finding one’s footing in the world.  Perhaps you are already expressing your feminine self with applying makeup, changing up your hair, wearing wigs, or dressing in typical woman’s clothing, but you may be uncertain how to act more feminine as a transgender woman. I can teach you how to sit, dine and carry yourself in a more ladylike way. I can also help you develop techniques in voice feminization as well as provide resources for extensive vocal coaching and transgender voice surgery.

At Trans-Image Consulting Services in Boca Raton, I provide my clients with my lifelong experience as a cisgender woman as well as my years-long proficiency as a professional makeup artist for television and film production. I also provide makeup/hair consultations, voice feminization training, personal shopping, and a wide-ranging resource guide for transgender women. Additionally, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board-Certified Sex Therapist and have undergone extensive training in transgender care therapy, and provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families in my private practice at Weiss Psychotherapy Group. I also regularly go to and facilitate transgender support groups, and attend workshops and health conferences in south Florida to be apprised of the latest medical updates and psychoeducation. With a consultation from Trans-Image Consulting Group, you can develop skills to act more feminine to align with the woman you feel on the inside.

But you may still have questions or concerns about getting a consultation in feminine presentation…

how to act more feminine for transgender women - boca raton, FL

I’m worried I’ll forget everything I learn.

I understand it takes time to “learn new tricks” and adapt them to your everyday life.  Acquiring skills to act more feminine is no exception. I will provide you with easy to follow instructions and if you like, I can record your session for an additional fee so you can review what you learned in the comfort of your home. You can always schedule additional consultations to help polish what you learned as well as address other areas in feminine presentation you wish to enhance.

I don’t have the time or money to spend on learning how to act more feminine.

While a consultation at Trans-Image Consulting Group will take time and money, the value it provides is immeasurable. If developing skills in how to act more feminine could complement the woman you feel inside—wouldn’t that be empowering?

I’ve had a consultation in how to act more feminine before and I was disappointed.

It’s important to have realistic goals on what you would like to achieve in a consultation to improve your feminine presentation. There are many challenges you can face as you emerge into your true self and you may be disappointed you cannot walk like a model or speak more femininely without costly surgery. You may have worked with someone who didn’t truly understand your individual needs, didn’t have the right skills, or encouraged you but couldn’t provide the right support to reach your feminine presentation goals. Few image consultants have an extensive professional makeup background, pursue training in transgender care, are licensed psychotherapists, or are as committed to working with the transgender community as I am. With a consultation in feminine presentation from Trans-Image Consulting Group, you will learn skills to become more confident as you present your true self to the world. 

You Can Learn How To Act More Feminine

 If you would like to find out how to improve your feminine presentation with a consultation from Trans-Image Consulting Group or if you have additional questions, I encourage you to contact me or call (561) 213-6327 for a free 15 minute phone consultation.