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Would You Like To Appear More Feminine?

transgender makeup consultation - boca raton, FL

Would you like to look more feminine but think your only option is expensive plastic surgery? Are you all thumbs when you try to put on makeup? Do you find navigating through department store makeup counters overwhelming and believe asking for help would be a humiliating experience? Would you like to learn how to choose better hairstyles or wigs that can improve your feminine appearance and reflect the woman you are inside? As you emerge into your authentic self, you may wish to get professional advice on how to polish your desired “look” so you can recreate it at home. Perhaps you were never taught basic makeup skills, have difficulty choosing a foundation that flatters your skin tone, or your application looks caked on or harsh. When you don’t have the right skills, tools, or cosmetics to look as feminine on the outside as you feel on the inside, it may affect your self- esteem and cause you to avoid socializing and participating in favorite activities. Do you wish you could learn to look your best as you emerge into your true feminine self?

The emergence process for mtfs can be stressful and challenging. Aside from learning to understand, accept and love your true self, you may struggle with getting the support you need from friends, family and coworkers. Even with self-empathy and a strong support group, many transgender women have no clue how to convey their femininity to the world, what suits their lifestyle or personality, they may have unrealistic expectations fed by social media, or are trying to emulate television and movie stars. Maybe you feel it’s easier just to stay home and isolate from the world instead of going through your daily life with confidence. You may wonder if it’s possible to feel at ease and happy with your true self and how you present to the world.

Many MTFs Lack Makeup And Hair Skills

Even when transgender women are able to accept their authentic selves and begin to emerge comfortably into their preferred gender, they may find it challenging finding flattering makeup, hairstyles and wigs, let alone apply them easily and satisfactorily. Most individuals seeking makeup consultations have no clue where to begin getting help. Going to a department store counter can be intimidating for a cisgender woman let alone an emerging one. You may feel astounded by all the makeup choices and salespeople are often too eager to sell you the latest trendy products instead of considering what is flattering on you. Many mtfs have unique issues feminizing their faces and hair due to the masculine features inherent to biological males. Expressing the woman you feel inside can be difficult when you don’t feel confident or skilled in applying your makeup or styling your hair. Perhaps you are uncertain the best way to groom your eyebrows, contour a masculine jawline, or conceal your beard until you undergo permanent hair removal. Maybe you have no idea how to camouflage a receding hairline or a flattering wig to hide your male-patterned baldness. Transgender women often find themselves frustrated with an exterior that isn’t in line with how they feel inside. They may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to talk about how to look more feminine or get advice from their partner, friends or family. Lacking confidence in your ability to achieve your highest level of femininity-- without costly plastic surgery-- may affect your overall self-esteem and be distressing.

But there is hope! With a makeup consultation from Trans-Image Consulting Group you can develop makeup and hair/wig styling skills, get recommendations for the best products for you individual needs, and improve your feminine appearance. You can feel empowered by learning simple ways to conceal flaws, contour your face, play up your best features, or learn flattering ways to style your own hair, wigs or hair pieces. 

A Makeup Consultation Especially Designed for Transgender Women Can Help You Look More Feminine

Once you begin to love and accept yourself as a transgender woman, it becomes possible to reach your potential and experience greater joy in all aspects of your life. A makeup consultation at Trans-Image Consulting Group can increase your self-esteem as you emerge into your authentic self. I understand and have empathy for the challenging journey you are on, and I can help you learn skills to look more feminine. I offer a safe place where you can feel comfortable being your true self, express your desires and concerns about feminizing your appearance. I provide compassionate support in my makeup consultations as well as years-long experience in makeup design, application, and extensive training in transgender care.

Your partner, family, and friends may be there for you as you emerge into your authentic self, but they may have no idea how to help you appear more feminine. It can be very beneficial to get advice from someone with a high level of training and experience. During your makeup consultation at Trans-Image Consulting Group, I’ll offer you guidance, support and resources as you pursue your goals – whether you decide to simply enjoy trying different makeup looks in the privacy of your own home, apply makeup for a professional look at work, or do your makeup and hair more elegantly for a special evening or event.

During your makeup consultation, we will discuss realistic goals to improve your feminine appearance and establish your basic “look” so it is more in line with how you feel inside. Perhaps you prefer to be more natural in your daily routine or at work and more polished and sophisticated when you socialize or for special occasions.  After we go through your personal makeup kit together—I call it “triage”- I will suggest what to keep and what to get rid of. I can teach you how to apply your own makeup using simple techniques designed for your individual needs. I can also advise you on more flattering ways to style your own hair, choose the best wigs for your skin tone, life style, and personality, or teach you how to incorporate your own hair into the front of a wig so it will look like a more natural hairline. I can recommend makeup products to purchase on your own either in local stores or on the internet as well as accompany you shopping for cosmetics and hair pieces that will enhance your feminine appearance as well as local resources for waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal.

I bring years-long experience as a makeup artist for television and film production to my transgender makeup consultations in
Boca Raton, Florida. I also provide consulting services for feminine presentation personal shopping, and a wide-ranging resource guide. I am PhD. in Clinical Sexology, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board-Certified Sex Therapist and a Board-Certified Transgender Care Therapist. I see clients in my private psychotherapy practice, Weiss Psychotherapy Group, in Boca Raton, Florida. Additionally, I regularly attend and facilitate transgender support groups and go to workshops and health conferences in south Florida to be apprised of the latest medical updates and psychoeducation. With a makeup consultation specifically created for the transgender woman, you can be empowered to present your true feminine self to the world.

But you may still have questions or concerns about having a transgender makeup consultation…

transgender makeup consultation - boca raton, FL

I’m worried I’ll forget what I learned during our makeup consultation. 

Recreating what you learned in your makeup consultation takes practice, and it will take time to get the hang of it on your own. I will provide you with face charts, and easy to follow instructions, and I can record your session for an additional fee so you can review what your learned at home. You will leave your makeup consultation with useful skills that can empower you on your journey of emerging into the woman you have always felt like inside. 

I don’t have the time or money for a makeup consultation.

While a makeup consultation designed exclusively for transgender women will take time and money, the benefits it provides are invaluable. In addition to gaining the skills to appear more feminine, you can improve your self-esteem and feel more confident that your exterior aligns more with the woman you feel inside.

I’ve had a makeup consultation before and was disappointed with the results.

It’s important to come to your makeup consultation with realistic goals. There are many challenges mtfs can face as they emerge into their true selves and they may be disappointed they cannot look exactly like their favorite actress or model. You may have worked with someone who didn’t truly understand your individual needs, didn’t have the makeup skills, or encouraged but couldn’t support unrealistic goals. Few makeup consultants have an extensive makeup background and training in transgender care, are licensed psychotherapists, or are as committed to working with the transgender community as I am. With a makeup consultation at Trans-Image Consulting Group you will gain the skills you desire to present your true feminine self to the world.  

You Can Be Your Authentic Self

If you wish to find out how a makeup consultation at Trans-Image Consulting Group can help you look more like the woman you feel inside, or if you have additional questions, I encourage you to contact me or call (561) 213-6327 for a free 15 minute phone consultation.