Personal Shopping Consultation

Would You Like A Personal Shopper To Help You Look Your Best As A Transgender Woman?

transgender personal shopper - boca raton, FL

Is the thought of shopping by yourself intimidating? Are you overwhelmed by all the choices at department store makeup counters and fear asking for help may be a mortifying experience? Are you having difficulty finding clothes to complement your personal style and flatter your body shape? Are you clueless what undergarments are available to give you more womanly curves, flatten your belly, or give your butt a boost? Transgender women have unique challenges enhancing their feminine presentation to match the woman they feel inside. Wouldn’t you like a professional personal shopper to help you navigate through the stores and take the guess work out of shopping for your authentic self?

The emergence process as a transgender woman can be wrought with struggle. Aside from overcoming feelings of confusion, understanding gender dysphoria, and learning to love your true self, you may have difficulty getting the encouragement and support you need from friends, family and coworkers. Even with increased self-acceptance and a solid support group, many mtfs have no idea how to present, look and act more feminine let alone pilot through department store cosmetic counters and clothing departments. You may not know that you can hire a personal shopper to help you support your style, personality, and enhance your feminine presentation. You may wonder if you can present your authentic self to the world in a way that supports the woman you feel inside.

Many Transgender Women Find Shopping Intimidating On Their Own

Even when mtfs are able to love and embrace their true selves and begin to present more feminine to the world, they may have undeveloped personal style or don’t really know how to look their best. Perhaps you dislike shopping alone because of feeling judged or overwhelmed on past excursions, salespeople didn’t have a clue how to assist you, or didn’t allow you to use your preferred gender’s dressing room. Maybe you think shopping on the internet is an easier option and you can do it from the comfort of your own home-- but where do you begin? You can find thousands of websites on the internet that sell cosmetics, wigs, undergarments and clothing, but few specifically address a transgender woman’s unique needs.  You may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to talk to your partner, friends, or family about how to improve your feminine presentation let alone ask them to come with you or suggest stores that are accommodating to mtfs. Feeling overwhelmed or clueless about shopping for makeup, hair pieces, undergarments or clothing may undermine looking your best, presenting your authentic self to the world, as well as affect your overall self-confidence.

But there is hope! With a personal shopping consultation you can get professional advice on the best ways to augment your feminine presentation, help navigate through shopping malls without feeling overwhelmed or judged, and provide resources for internet stores that accommodate transgender women.  With your very own personal shopper that understands your unique needs, you can create a cache of accoutrements that match the woman you are inside.

A Personal Shopper Can Take The Mystery Out of Shopping As A Transgender Woman

Once you begin to love and accept your authentic self, it becomes possible to feel inspired in all aspects of your life. A personal shopper can assist you as you emerge into your true self.  I understand and have great empathy for your journey, and know how daunting shopping to improve your feminine presentation can be without a sense of style, available resources, or accommodating stores. I offer you guidance and support on your personal shopping trip to the mall or checking out internet stores that accommodate transgender women in the safety of my office. I provide extensive training in transgender care and professional experience to my personal shopping consulting services at Trans-Image Consulting Group.

As part of your personal shopping consultation and prior to our shopping excursion, we will meet at my office and spend some time discussing your goals for our time together. I will provide advice on how to build your wardrobe up from foundations—undergarments to support, conceal and create more womanly curves—as well as what other items you would like to shop for to enhance your feminine presentation. We will also go over your budget and store preferences. This way we have a plan and don’t waste our personal shopping time together. I have endeavored to contact management at several local stores to ensure your personal shopping experience will be comfortable and can accommodate mtfs in their dressing room preferences. It will be helpful to have a prior makeup/hair consultation if you wish to me to accompany you as a personal shopper for cosmetics, wigs or hair pieces and we can schedule that for the same day if that is more convenient.

At Trans-Image Consulting Services in Boca Raton, I provide my clients with my life-long experience as a cisgender woman as well as my years-long proficiency as a professional makeup artist for television and film production. I also provide makeup/hair consultations, basic voice feminization training, and a wide-ranging resource guide for transgender women. Additionally, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board-Certified Sex Therapist and have undergone extensive training in transgender care therapy, and provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families in my private practice at Weiss Psychotherapy Group. I also regularly go to and facilitate transgender support groups, and attend workshops and health conferences in south Florida to be apprised of the latest medical updates and psychoeducation. With personal shopping consulting at Trans-Image Consulting Group, we can shop together to find flattering clothing, makeup and hair pieces that will complement the woman you feel on the inside.

But you may still have questions or concerns about the benefits of a personal shopping consultation…

I hate shopping because I’m never successful on my own and I’m too uncomfortable asking for help.

I understand that shopping can be intimidating for transgender women and perhaps you could not find what you were looking for, didn’t feel welcome in the store, and felt people were judging you. Having a personal shopping consultation at Trans-Image Consulting Group will take the guess work out and stress out of shopping on your own. Acquiring a personal shopper with good insight, compassion, and expertise with an mtf’s needs in mind can prove to be a fun and fruitful experience. After your personal shopping consultation, you will enjoy your new assets to look and feel more feminine as you emerge into your true self.

transgender personal shopper - boca raton, FL

A personal shopping consultation seems like time and money I just can’t afford.

While a personal shopping consultation tailored for transgender women’s unique needs will take time and money, the benefits it provides are immeasurable. In addition to the individual attention, fashion advice and resources you will receive during your personal shopping consultation, you will learn how to express your personality tastefully, look your best, and shop solo in the future without feeling overwhelmed and intimidated—wouldn’t that be inspiring and make you feel more confident?

I’ve worked with a personal shopper before and I was dissatisfied with the service I received.

It’s important to have realistic goals on what you would like to achieve from a personal shopping consultation. Transgender women have unique challenges when shopping for basic things like flattering makeup, the right body enhancing or concealing undergarments, as well as stores that will accommodate you with a dressing room for your preferred gender. You may have worked with a personal shopper before who didn’t truly understand an mtf’s individual needs, took you to stores with unfriendly or clueless salespeople, or didn’t have a variety of local or internet shopping resources. With a personal shopping consultation at Trans-Image Consulting Group, I offer my clients an extensive professional makeup background, style sense, training in psychotherapy and transgender care, and my commitment to working with the transgender community.

You Can Learn How To Act More Feminine

 If you would like to schedule a personal shopping consultation at Trans-Image Consulting Group or if you have additional questions, I encourage you to contact me or call (561) 213-6327 for a free 15 minute phone consultation.