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Would You Like Access To a Wide-Ranging Resource Guide Specifically For Transgender People and Cross Dressers?

Are you having difficulty finding a mental health professional that has training in transgender care? Are you thinking about starting on hormones and don’t know any doctors you can see? Would you like to know where you can join a support group as a parent of a transgender child? Would you like to know which local stores will oblige mtfs with a dressing room for their preferred gender? Are you uncertain where you can find stylish women’s shoes in larger sizes on the internet? Transgender people and cross dressers have unique challenges finding local and internet resources for goods, professionals, and services that accommodate their unique needs. Would you like to have access to a resource guide to assist you on your journey in becoming your authentic self?

The emergence process for many transgender people can be challenging. Aside from overcoming self-doubt, understanding gender dysphoria, and accepting and loving your true self, you may have difficulty getting the encouragement and support you need from friends, family and coworkers. Even with healthy self-esteem and a strong support group, many transgender people have no idea what steps to take to become their authentic selves. You may not know that an ever expanding resource guide exists and is available to you along with other useful services. You may wonder if you have to spend hours surfing the internet, depend on word of mouth, or make dozens of phone calls in order to get valuable information.

Many Transgender People Have Difficulty Finding Resources For Their Specific Needs

transgender resources

Finding the right resources for your individual needs as you go through the emergence process can be daunting. Perhaps finding a therapist that understands your challenges and concerns, has specialized training, as well as the compassion to work with the transgender community has been fruitless. Maybe finding a compassionate and experienced doctor that can prescribe hormones, understands the medical concerns of mtfs, or provide facial feminization and gender confirmation (SRS) surgery within your budget or takes insurance has escaped you.

Once the journey into your authentic self is fortified with an empathetic therapist and medical professionals suited to your individual needs, finding sources for makeup, wigs, improving your female presentation, voice and local and internet shopping still may escape you. You may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to talk to your partner, friends, or family about being transgender, let alone asking them to assist you in finding resources. Your journey is difficult enough accepting your authentic self, let alone acquiring services and means that may be essential to support it! But there is hope! With a resource guide specifically created for the transgender community, you have it all at your fingertips!

A Resource Guide Can Maximize The Emergence Into Your True Self

Once you believe in and have empathy for person you truly are, it becomes possible to feel encouraged in all aspects of your life. I fully empathize with what you are going through and know how daunting the journey can be for you, your partner, and loved ones without the right resources to assist you. I offer an ever-expanding resource guide in addition to other helpful services that can support you all along the way.

At Trans-Image Consulting Services in Boca Raton, I’ve created a resource guide specifically with the transgender  and cross dressing community’s needs in mind as well as providing consultations in makeup/hair, feminine presentation, basic voice feminization training, and personal shopping geared toward mtfs. I offer my life-long experience as a cisgender woman and years-long proficiency as a professional makeup artist for television and film production. Additionally,  I have a PhD. in Clinical Sexology, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board-Certified Sex Therapist and Transgender Care Therapist. I provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families in my private practice at Weiss Psychotherapy Group, LLC. I also co facilitate two transgender support groups, and attend workshops and health conferences in south Florida to be apprised of the latest medical updates and psychoeducation.

But you may still have questions or concerns about the benefits of a resource guide specifically for the transgender and cross dressing communities…

transgender resources

I can surf the internet and get my own resources—what do you have that I can’t find on my own?

I understand that mostly anyone with access to the internet can find many resources on their own that are geared to the transgender people and cross dressers. The resources I have cultivated will save you time and effort looking for services, medical professionals, and goods that are important to you and your individual needs—I’ve done the leg work for you! My full resource guide is available with no charge when you schedule a makeup/hair, feminine presentation or personal shopping consultation.

I can’t afford any of your services—why can’t I just get the resource guide for free?

It is true that my consulting services are provided for a fee and may not seem affordable. The benefits of acquiring skills to act, look and behave more feminine, and receive a full resource guide specifically created for the transgender people and cross dressers are immeasurable—wouldn’t that be empowering?

I only need the one referral I cannot find on my own and don’t feel like scheduling a consultation to get it.

I understand that sometimes there’s one elusive product, service or, professional you cannot locate in spite of your best efforts. I would be happy to help you out with your request if you email me at

I do encourage you to check out the services I provide in makeup/hair consultation, feminine presentation, and personal shopping and consider how they can benefit you as you emerge into your authentic self. I offer my clients an extensive professional makeup background, style and shopping sense, training in psychotherapy and transgender care, and my commitment to working with the transgender community and cross dressers.

You Can Get An Extensive Resource Guide Along With Your Consultation at Trans-Image Consulting Group

If you would like to schedule any or all of my professional consultations and receive an extensive resource guide, or if you have additional questions, I encourage you to contact me or call (561) 213-6327 for a free 15 minute phone consultation.